BOOK COVER REVEAL: Launch Timeline, Massive Giveaway and Big Changes 


I’m excited to announce that I’m launching a new book in October 2017…

Query Letter Swipe File

I’m really excited because the book is about the exact words, phrases and templates to write query letters, get literary agents and publish books for life.

  • Here’s a link to a free, short online presentation that I created and shared earlier today on social media:
  • Here’s the set of the PDF  slides from that presentation with clickable links (I had you at PDF didn’t I?)


I laughed out loud when I heard..

My book has been called the Mad Libs of Query Letters.

I laughed out loud when I heard that but it’s pretty accurate. It’s almost as if the query letter is written for you.

However, there are MAJOR distinctions between my book and Mad Libs:

  • My book is serious (although hopefully vastly entertaining in it’s own way)
  • The swipes in my book don’t give you cookie-cutter queries (far from it)
  • My book provides proven “recipes” that each writer can adapt to create an unlimited variation of perfect pitch

Why Query Letters?

I’ve spent the last 20 years excavating the patterns, forces and tactics that make literary agents say yes. These very same tactics allowed me to get a literary agent with my very first query letter.

Over the last six months, I’ve written over 100 query letters for other writers. Here is just some of the feedback that I have received:

“Again, above and beyond on his way with words. Superb ideas and word choices. Highly recommend!” – Tmanners555


“WOW! I’m amazed. If this letter doesn’t grab attention, nothing will. It’s the absolute best that I’ve ever read. Christopher takes his time and he delivers. I highly recommend him and without hesitation I’m going to hire him again.” – brooklynmom


“I literally cried when I got the query back, and there wasn’t one but THREE of them! As a 24/7 family caregiver- soon to be Sci-fi published novelist, I don’t have the income to pay top $ to a query writer/editor. Mr. Kokoski is a top dollar writer who is helping to other writers to further their dreams.Thank you so much Mr. Kokoski!” – mamanicey


Those reviews hold deep meaning to me because I love helping other writers fulfill their dreams.

As you might have guessed, I used the Query Letter Swipe File to write them. What surprised me most is that I was able to craft each query in less than an hour.


Without further ado, here is the cover of my new book which I’m in love with:

Untitled design (1)

What do you think? Let me know in the blog comments, on Twitter or on my Facebook page.




Because I want you to be completely in the loop, here are the important dates of my upcoming launch:

There is a massive swipe file giveaway open right now where you can enter for a chance to win $200 worth of swipe files including the following:

  • Synopsis swipe files
  • Viral blog swipe files
  • Author bio swipe files
  • Cover letter swipe files
  • Nonfiction query swipe files
  • And much much more.

You can see the full list of giveaway swipe files on this webpage. (Note: the pre-launch is not open yet so those “order” buttons will redirect you to a page to enter the giveaway. Or, you can scroll down to the bottom of the landing page to see the full giveaway list.)

If you want a cool count down to my book launch, check out this page.


  • The pre-launch starts on September 23 and runs only for two weeks. So the pre-launch bonuses are only available for two weeks and then they go away completely forever.
  • The official online launch for the book is set for October 7 
  • The live launch is set for October 14.

Other Things of Note:

  • As part of the launch, I am revamping my online platform
  • That includes my newsletter manager and website. I’ll be giving you more details in the next week or so but be on the lookout for a change of
    platform for my blog.
  • The good news is it will still be at, same domain name.

What Else Am I Doing? 

  • Guest posts on other blogs
  • Seeking guest spots on podcasts
  • Developing other products, freebies and live/online events to create buzz

Yeah, it’s a lot! If you want to hear about my Book Launch, let me know and I’ll write a few posts.

Finally, I created a WRITING SECRETS Community Facebook Group for swapping stories, struggles and strategies for writing bestsellers and drilling down deeper into my blog posts, books and courses on writing.

It’s a private Facebook Group for subscribers of my Writing Secrets newsletter. So sign up and then request to join here: Writing Secrets Community

Whew, this has been one heck of a loaded post about my book launch. Thanks for sticking it out with me.



Wheelchair Clown and Other News

So I was browsing through old notes on my Evernote app last night when a strange title took me by surprise.

See if you can guess which one from this list of my note titles…

WordPress Themes
Blog Types
New Book Launch in Oct 2017
Wheelchair Clown
Book Covers

Need I go on? I didn't think so.

I stared at my screen. Wheelchair Clown? What the…

Then I clicked on the note to expand it because I just HAD to know.

As soon as I read it, I laughed and shook my head. It was an outline for a short story I had never got around to writing. Guess who the protagonist was?

Yep, the infamous clown in a wheelchair.

Goes to show you that you never know what's going to happen or how life might change moment to moment.

As I stood there laughing about the clown, I reflected on all the changes on the horizon for me.

  • New book for writers coming out later this year.
  • Switching newsletter providers
  • Ramping up a new level of book promotions
  • Writing Nonfiction
  • Moving my blog to a paid WordPress site by next year.

Change, however, can be an incredibly good thing.

That's certainly my hope.

Truth be told, I'm super excited about what's going on in my life and what it means for my life and writing career.

I can't wait to share the details with you. (This is a huge writing resource that I've never seen anywhere and that I promise you don't want to miss.)

What changes are on the horizon for you?

5 Time Secrets of Bestselling Authors – Part V



In this final post in our Time series, we are deconstructing how bestselling authors use the last of five special techniques to massively leverage story time.
Here they are again, as a reminder:

  1. Time Warp
  2. Time Stop
  3. Time Wrap
  4. Time Jump
  5. Time Check

If you missed the previous posts, read them here:

5 Time Secrets Of Bestselling Authors – Part I
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5 Time Secrets Of Bestselling Authors – Part IV

Today, let’s look at the fifth and final time tactic, Time Check.

Time Check is reminding the readers of how much time is left before something terrible happens. This builds tension, keeping readers squarely on the edge of their seats.

4 Ways To Use Time Check

  •  A global, story-wide time check like the 24 TV Series which keeps minute by minute track of the time lapsed.
  • A section time check where some portion of the story (usually over several chapters) requires a deadline to up the ante of suspense.
  • A chapter Time Check.
  • A scene Time Check.

So, how do you apply this time tactic to your story? 

Consider these ideas…

  1. Define a Deadline: A Time Check only works within the existence of a scene, chapter, section or story deadline (also known as Time Clocks).
  2. Pose a Threat: Deadlines boost suspense because of the threat to characters or character goal if the deadline is missed.
  3. Choose A SBM: SBM stands for Snooze Button Method. A snooze button jars you back into focus, thererfore a SBM exists to “jar” or remind the reader of the deadline and threat.

Let’s put this 3-step Time Check Model into practice in an actual story. 

Secrets to Time Check: The Insider Examples of Bestseller Writing

The classic example is the bomb countdown. As the protagonist races to diffuse the bomb before it goes off, he or she periodically checks their watch. Ten minutes. 5 minutes. Next, their IT expert/computer hacker buddy (every action hero has one, right?) speaks through the ear piece, “60 seconds.”

Get it? You find a way to remind readers that time is running out. Bonus points for creativity.

Here’s another example: A killer threatens to murder 10 people, saving the detective’s child for last. Each murder serves as a countdown as the killer gets closer to the detective’s kid. Maybe the police have a daily powwow with photos of the victims tacked on a board or wall – first 1, then 2, then 3 and etc.

As you might imagine, there are almost an infinite ways to apply Time Checks to your story for enhanced suspense and reader engagement.

Use this time tactic in your stories. I think you’ll be delighted with the results.

The Fastest Way To Make All Your Descriptions Better

Story is description. 

Think about it. Whether you show or tell, or some weird marriage of the two, your only tool (besides dialogue) is description. 

Action, reaction, emotion, setting – all description. Even narrative summary is a form of description. 

So it  behooves the writer to cultivate the art of description. 

The Fastest Way To Make All Your Descriptions Better

While multiple techniques exist to enhance descriptions, the fastest route to better descriptions is…


Yes, movement. Describe people, places and things in action. 

  • Birds squawk 
  • Flags furl 
  • Rain cascades 
  • Pain splinters 

Movement naturally engages readers, drawing them down the page, deeper into the story. Static description, on the other hand, is dull, uninspiring. 

Reanimate your story by describing things in motion. 

Year In Review: My 10 Best Posts of 2016

As we near the end of 2016, I thought it might be nice to review some of the best content from the last 12 months.

Life is busy, after all, and it’s easy to miss a good article, list or resource.

Without further ado, here are the top ten posts from 2016.


Write In A Blue Room: Unleashing Creativity Through Science 

The Most Important Rule of Writing No One Talks About 

Never Ever Put These 5 Scenes In Your Novel

Bestseller Book Title Checklist (Fiction) 

The Master List of 1400 + Words and Phrases To Avoid In Your Writing 

Exactly How Much Publishing a Book Will Cost You This Year

How To Show Not Tell Awkward Conversations: A Video Case Study

The Missing Ingredient In Your Fiction (And Why It’s The Best Kept Secret of Bestselling Authors)

5 Time Secrets Of Bestselling Authors 

Popular Writing Wisdom That Is Actually Terrible Advice

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is full of writing success and literary dreams come true.


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BOOK LAUNCH – THE CHALLENGE, And How to Write The Best Amazon Book Review Ever

Today I have a series of BIG announcements: 

  • New book launch – THE CHALLENGE
  • Special Limited Time Offer
  • How to Write the Best Amazon Book Review Ever

Special Announcement #1: Book Launch

My new book, THE CHALLENGE, is officially up on AMAZON for pre-order. The publication date is set for 1/1/17. So that’s when it is officially official.

Here’s the Rundown

The visual:


The book trailer:

The short description: THE CHALLENGE is a nonfiction Christian book for sharing your faith.

The slightly longer description from the back cover:

A Powerful New Way to Share Your Faith With Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime – Even if you are an Introvert, Have No Time or Know Nothing about the Bible

Every Christian is commanded to share their faith. This evangelism guide does more than show you how to easily share the gospel; it virtually does it for you! Forget long sermons that alienate your friends and family or old, cheesy gospel tracts that no one wants to read. Winning debates doesn’t win souls.

  • Share your faith without fear – when you learn my simple zero rejection method, you’ll shake your head and wonder why you never thought of it before!
  • Lead your friends and family to Christ without Bible thumping, nagging or debating.
  • Easy Evangelism even if you know absolutely nothing about the Bible, apologetics or theology.
  • Quick Start Guide for Busy People that shows you how to share your faith without spending any extra time. No 3-hour conversations required!

Biblical Christian Evangelism Tactics to Trigger an Evangelism Explosion

  • Designed with sophisticated evidence-based behavioral change technology to trigger a series of insights for total life transformation
  • Generate unlimited curiosity about Jesus, truth, the Bible and God’s sovereignty

Ready to Make the Gospel Go Viral?

P.S. – Inside this book, you get access to UNLIMITED PDF DOWNLOADS of THE CHALLENGE so that you can share your faith with anyone, anywhere – even all over the world for international impact.

Order Now!

Special Announcement #2: Special Offer 

When order now, you get THE CHALLENGE for .99 cents plus you get a free bonus gift of THE CHALLENGE WORKBOOK. This special ends exactly on Jan 7th, 2017 so order now. 


Why .99 cents? 

My hope is that you’ll read the book, love it and post a review on Amazon. Right before you buy or gift copies for everyone you know.

Don’t know what to post in a review? No worries – I’ve got you covered. Simply copy and paste one of the reviews below:

Option 1: “Restored my faith in humanity. After reading it, I called my Mother, bought my wife flowers and donated my organs to monkeys fighting climate change!”

Option 2: “So good I quit my job so I could re-read it full time.”

Option 3: “Best thing since sliced bread. In fact, if it were made of bread, I would eat it. That’s how good it is.”

Option 4: “First book I ever read that I immediately wanted to cast in gold and frame above my bed.”

Whatever kind of review you choose, here’s where to post it: POST REVIEW HERE

(Note: You can post a review when the book is officially official on Jan 1, 2017.)

Get THE CHALLENGE at the special .99 cent price and grab your bonus copy of the THE CHALLENGE WORKBOOK for free!  (Access The Workbook from the link to PDF copies inside the book)

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The Best Place In Your Novel To Put Your Personal Beliefs 

Blog cover pic
Almost every writing book will, in no uncertain terms, warn you against “preaching” in your stories. 

Preaching is when an author gets up on a literary soap box to unload his or her personal beliefs on unsuspecting readers. 

For the most part, those writing books are spot on. Here’s why: 

4 Reasons Not To Preach In Your Novel

  • It turns readers off
  • It breaks author/reader trust 
  • It doesn’t help the story
  • It’s not the right medium (this is a novel not a sermon)

I’d go as far as to say that sermonizing in your story alienates your reader base and virtually guarantees bad reviews, lost fans and lower future sales. 

So, with that said, where possibly could be the best place in your novel to put your personal beliefs? 

No, not the acknowledgements. (But that’s hilarious) 

Not in the back matter. 

None of the following 3 places either:

3 Places Never To Put Your Personal Beliefs 

  • Protagonist’s mouth
  • Narration 
  • Anywhere obvious

Where’s the best place, then? Is there even a place? 

Actually, there are several, but one place in particular is the very best. And it just happens to be my personal favorite. 

The Number 1 Best Place In Your Novel to Put Your Beliefs 

The number one best place in your novel to put your personal beliefs is….

…your antagonist’s mouth. 


  • It’s unexpected – Who will think you’d use the bad guy (or girl) to promote your opinions?
  • It’s hidden – It isn’t obvious so it slips under the reader’s radar. 
  • It’s effective – Because it’s unexpected and not obvious, it works like magic. 
  • It’s good writing – The scariest antagonists are the ones we understand. 

Example: In my novel, Wicker Hollow, I let my antagonist, a fallen angel, spout some of my personal beliefs. One reader even said, “I actually agree with some of what the fallen angel said. And I don’t think I was supposed to.” 

I had to smile. 

The Summary: If you absolutely must put your personal beliefs into your stories, place them in your antagonist’s mouth. 

Writing a book? This free resource can help. 

Free book

Book Launch: Clara and Claire by Lindsey Richardson

Today I’m celebrating a friend and fellow author’s book launch of her new novel, CLARA AND CLAIRE.

One thing I love about authors is how much we support each other.

The novel is available on Amazon for $2.99.

Yep, the cover is amazing.

The story starts off with a bang (which is one of my favorite things for authors to do).

Here’s a short excerpt:

Click here for a longer excerpt curtesy of Amazon LOOK INSIDE: 

Sample Excerpt

Lindsey is having a Facebook event for the launch all day. It’s a public event so check it out here and don’t forget to grab a copy of the book! 

Grab A Copy Of Clara and Claire

Deconstructing A Bestseller: The Way I Used To Be

One of the proven paths to mastery in almost anything is to study the masters. 

Today I’m testing out a new series idea. 

Thankfully, in writing there is no shortage of masters. Books surround us everyday, whispering their secrets to those attentive enough to hear them. 

One current master is Amber Smith, author of the bestseller THE WAY I USED TO BE. 

Download a free ebook on crafting Bestseller titles 

Here is the opening paragraph to her book about the lasting vestigages of sexual abuse: 

Notice the first sentence. It rolls off the tongue. You don’t expect a story to start off telling you what someone doesn’t know, which is exactly why it works. Who is this person? What don’t they know? And why? 

All of these questions rush in at once, compelling the reader onward. 

What I also love are the flowing follow up sentences that build off the first. We find out what this person didn’t know, but the answers raise more questions — why did the door click shut? Who shut it? Why worry about locking the door? 

Something bad must have happened.

That’s the thing. The short intro paragraph not only pulls the reader along with growing curiosity but also with rising dread. 

Without being direct, the author reveals new layers of conflict and revelation. The reader comes to these conclusions on their own but only within the context carefully crafted by the author. 

So much information condensed into such tight literary real estate. 


What lessons can we, fellow word-slingers, cull from this excerpt? 

  • Start with something wrong
  • Describe things indirectly so readers come to their own (predestined) conclusions.
  • Raise a series of questions 

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Top 5 #MondayBlogs Tweets For Writers

Every Monday, I participate in #MondayBlogs

Participation means sharing links to your blog posts and retweeting tweets of blog posts written by others. 

Here is the official low down on #MondayBlogs written by the hashtag creator @Badredheadmedia & @RachelintheOC. 

What is #MondayBlogs?

There are so many great posts, but here are my top 5 #MondayBlogs Tweets for this week: 

Top 5 #MondayBlogs Tweets For Writers

1. Unravel the secrets of Amazon

2. Rock your book launch with this post

3. Snapchat anyone?

4. Double your writing output in less time 

5. Not all hoarders are bad

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